Welcome to the first ever Creating Our Life Newsletter.

You will find a new issue of this newsletter on the first Friday of each month at Or you may subscribe free of charge and have it sent directly to your e-mail by clicking subscribe now.

We will endeavor in the newsletter to provide information about the use of coaching for the attainment of personal happiness, success, abundant health and self-realization and, of course, for the creation of on going prosperity.

We will go into considerable detail about how the coaching process works and how it is different from psychotherapy. In each issue practical suggestions and processes will be described that can be immediately put to use for your enlightenment and release from negative patterns.

We invite you to keep in touch with us and take advantage of the
Tele-classes which will be announced, as they become available. Some will be free of charge and others will be on going at a moderate fee.

It is important to know that Creating Our Life Coaching has applications in many areas:
1. It is often used by people making personal and professional transitions in their lives;
2. It provides a training ground for management in the corporate and business world;
3. Creating Our Life Coaching is also being found by many to be an awareness and enlightenment tool for individual development of a higher consciousness that brings with it the fulfillment of a peaceful life.

Here is your first Creating Our Life process: Click here for the Wheel of Life Exercise.
If you have a printer, download this form now and fill it out according to the directions.
If you do not have a printer, copy the wheel and do as directed.
After you have finished , click here for the Priorities Wheel.
This will help you with time management.
Follow the directions and answer the questions on a separate piece of paper.

After doing these wheels, you will have a good idea of
What areas of your life need attention right now, and where you must focus. if you want to make a change for the better.
You will find the Priorities Wheel not only interesting, but very motivating to get yourself into action doing first things first.

Have fun and check out the next first Friday news letter for additional processes to help you get moving in a positive direction toward the life you’ve always wanted.

For information on how you can start being coached with a personal life coach of your own, click the Getting Your Own Personal Life Coach.