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How to Get What You Want

If you are clear about what you want and are already working on a strategy for achieving it, coaching may or may not be what you need or want right now. On the other hand, if you are feeling hemmed in, stressed out and put on hold, no matter how hard you work and plan, you could feel in need of guidance and a strategy that allows you to move effortlessly forward toward your goals.
One of your main problems may be the belief that once you attain your goals you will be fulfilled. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for burn-out and frustration, not for success and abundance

Achieving Joy

The key words here in the making of joyful life transitions and getting what you want are “effortless process”. We are all alike in one major aspect: we can only feel fulfilled when we are in integrity and living our “ life purpose” effortlessly. And it’s well to remember that having a life purpose can be just an intellectual intention unless it is connected with value based process. Though we may feel excited and powerful momentarily when we compromise our values and slip out of integrity to gain some short term goal, once we know what value based process feels like, we can no longer settle for this kind of faux success
Once we act and proceed in consciousness of our values and life purpose, we feel fulfilled in all we do. Life is an adventure of self discovery. We are seekers of our true nature. We are excited and eager to conduct this exploration, as we search our very souls for the answers and guidelines.. We experience fulfillment each moment because we are in process in the moment, not waiting for the “right” moment or eventual success.
Even though much of our exploration is often uphill or even ordinary and mundane, we experience joy at each new discovery.We rest well each night and awaken early each morning with eagerness to continue on our path. Our brains and bodies are working full speed, yet it all seems effortless. Everything is flowing into the right place as we fulfill our destiny.

Putting it all in place

The Creating Our Life processes that make this possible are simple but also complex. You are coached to set short and long term goals, to develop a vision for the future, to look deeply within to see and find the values you may not have known were there.
You will find that getting what you want means more than just having things, or being something or someone different than you are now. You will find getting what you want means transforming yourself.
Many who come to coaching wanting to live a more full, passionate, satisfying life, usually find out that a fulfilled life requires learning how to live “on purpose”. Having clarity of your life purpose is what enables you to prioritize and activate your strategies, and open the realm of possibilities for success and happinesss which otherwise would stay closed or at best limited..

Getting Started and Asking the Right Questions

Having your personal life coach can be a tremendous accelerator when you are in, or want to make a life transition. Before you actually make any changes, however, you will seriously want to consider the following questions:
· In what area do I want to enhance my life?
· What about me will have to change to make this happen?
· Which leads to another question,
· Do I, and if so, how do I usually sabotage myself?
In order to find the answers to these and other questions that come up relative to your having the kind of life, work, relationships, peace of mind that you desire, some time will have to be spent examining your basic needs and how in the past you have actually prevented yourself from getting them met satisfactorily.

Before you start Creating Our Life coaching work,, you are asked to fill out a rather extensive questionnaire. You are asked what you wanted to be in your growing up years; you are asked to give thought to what you love to do; what you hate to do; what you are good at; what you don’t like about yourself, your life, your companions and partners; what makes you feel most alive; and, “what is the most satisfying thing you've ever done?" These and other questions about your secret yearnings and highest aspirations gradually prepare you for knowing what it is that you really want. Even those who come to me saying, "I know exactly what I want"; when they go deeper, discover that "want" was only the beginning. There are many other aspects of that "want" that need attention before a meaningful strategy for achievement can be created.

You will need to be willing to examine the reasons for not having all you want or for being dissatisfied with your life. To do this, you will need to go beyond not having enough time or money or the just right circumstances. You will need to see that your path to freedom and successful living can only come from recognizing the complexities of who you really are and doing what is your "Life Purpose " to do. Your Creating Our Life coach helps you discover and nourish the various facets of yourself and integrate them, while facilitating your journey to identify your Life Purpose and core values. This discovery happens as you release any fears and false beliefs to which you are attached. As you do this you are enabled to discover and attain what it is you really want.

A Process You Can Do Right Now

The following process may seem paradoxical for “getting what you want”. . However it is really the first step to having it all..