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Brain research reveals that dreaming works as a creative adjunct to our logical awake mind.
Dreaming is part of our creative thinking.
Whether or not we remember them, our dreams propel energy into our consciousness fueling our hunches, as well as our artistic, scientific and mathematical endeavors.Research also shows that dreams are mainly a right brain function .People who pay active attention to their dreams on a regular basis are constantly balancing their right and left brains.
If these same people are decoding their dream language, they will be more adaptable, more spontaneous and more creative than others who are not paying attention to their dreams.

Dreams are looked upon as one of the most important processes in Creating Our Life Coaching.Charu Colorado has worked as a Dream Therapist and Dream Consultant for many years. She has conducted seminars and workshops in the midwest, California and Oregon.

As part of being coached you are asked to keep a dream journal. This will be some of the most valuable work you do.

Dream work will help you uncover and bring to consciousness a whole series of things pertaining to your sense of direction, your health and your value system.

Start your Dream Journal today. Write your dreams down the first thing in the morning when you wake up.Write in first person present tense. This helps you to relive and remember the dream.Then ask what this dream reminds you of in your present life and what it reminds you of in your past. Write these things in your journal. Also write down any associations to emotions past and present. In fact give some thought to what the emotions were that you felt while you were dreaming. Note all of this .

Most dreams are given to you by your unconscious mind to help you make your life more fulfilling and balanced.We sometimes have nightmares when we are not paying attention to our intuition in our waking life.

Watch the Creating Our Life News for Dream processes which will start appearing on a regular basis from now on.

Charu also does Dream Coaching by telephone on a regular basis.
You can call her for information, from outside of Oregon long distance, toll free:1 888 6998. Or if you are in Oregon, call
541 482 6319