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Finding Your Life Purpose

Creating Our Life Coaching helps you uncover your true path and sets you on your way to identifying your preferred purpose and direction.

One of the first things you will be asked to do is examine some of the feelings and life experiences that got you to this present point. Once that is done, you will start the journey that takes you to the fulfilling , abundant life you desire.

Becoming Fulfilled

Since Creating Our Life Coaching is not psychotherapy, the inquiry you will be undertaking is not a “treatment” of any kind. Although the processes may take you deep into your feeling self, it is not with the object of finding something wrong with you, but rather with finding your true values and strengths and what is right for you. You will then become clear about what it is you want to change.

One of your most important endeavors at this time is to commit to letting go of old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. This is the "baggage" you are carrying, not realizing you no longer need most of what is packed inside. The thing that burns you out and pulls you down into negative emotions and distracting activities is the sheer weight of carrying this useless stuff around. The job of Creating Our Life Coaching is to motivate you to release all this heavy unnecessary “stuff” so you can become lighter, more focused and “on purpose”. You are then able to gather your strengths and confidence as you advance toward your highest ideals.

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Values are not Morals ,nor are they even Principles

Then there are the new realizations that are necessary to have as you move toward the goals you will be setting for yourself. These are special kinds of enlightenments that go with the territory of self-discovery and transformation.

To make use of these awakenings, you will be examining your value system. Values themselves are not about moral or ethical behavior. They are also not about principles. However living in a principled way may be a value. What is to be admired is not the value itself but the ability to live that value fully. Honoring our values gives us a sense of rightness that creates fulfillment in life.

Living On Purpose

Learning how to become proactive in a world in which you and most people are usually reactive will help you become serious about your commitments to yourself and others. Learning to listen with your inner ears increases intuitive knowing and helps you to create inner emotional shifts that encourage change. And finally realization of your Life Purpose enables you to put together the satisfying life you’ve been seeking. It’s only when we live our lives “on-purpose” that true satisfaction is ours.

You and Your Coach

Your coach's role in the journey you're taking is to act as your outer compass. By asking the right questions; providing guidance that keeps you on track; holding up the mirror for you to see yourself clearly; reminding you when you are straying away from your goal; your coach teaches you how to create and use the processes that build a strong on-purpose self.

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