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About Charu Colorado

Charu's Life Purpose:
"To Live Creatively in the Moment in Peace and Service to Others, Myself and the World


Charu fulfills that purpose by following her inner vision to express her world view through art and Creating Our Life Coaching. Charu endeavors to articulate that view with skill, compassion and wisdom in all her professional contacts, personal relationships and personal creative work.

Charu had the good fortune and privilege to hone her counselling and coaching skills through work she did in the 60s with such giants in the field of psychology and p.ersonal growth as Frederick Perls, Virginia Satir and James Jackson. More recently her work in Voice Dialogue has informed and enriched the current development of her Creating Our Life Coaching work .
Charu, the Life Coach, enjoys working with people who want to reach out to make discoveries about themselves and their potentials. She finds these folk to be both courageous and inspiring. “I have always been inspired by the process of transformation whether in the arts or in personal growth”. It’s great fun and challenging to help people reach their goals. It takes a shift of awareness ,as well as the ability to take risks for anyone to allow change. Coaching creates this experience as it challenges and fortifies personal resources by calling on imagination and creativity."


Charu’s Story.. from Drawing an eye- to becoming an Artist- to becoming - a Creating Our Life Coach

I was six when I discovered my Life Purpose. One afternoon my older brother challenged me to copy a picture he had drawn. When he saw how well I did, after just two tries, he said to me , " You drew it better than I did. I won't be the artist now, you'll have to be the artist". Ecstatic, since I loved to draw, I responded," O.K. I will, I'll be the artist". I remember feeling at the time that my brother, who’s opinion I held in high regard, and who was usually my harshest critic, as well as my arch enemy, had, with his statement, given me permission to be an artist.

The drawing he’d shown me was of a girl in profile. When I said I wanted him to show me how to do that, he did, thinking, I'm sure, that I wouldn't be able to do it. On my first try, he laughed at me because I drew the eye as it looks from the front. Like the good teacher he was, he told me to look at my drawing and then at his eye in profile. I saw the difference. "The eye is a little v on its side in profile", he pointed out, actually giving me my first lesson in pure "right brain" seeing. It was this discovery that was responsible for my continuing interest in seeing how people really look and loving to draw them. So when I made the eye correction in the second picture, I got assigned to my first life purpose: to draw what I actually see not only what I know. This is the path that led to my becoming an artist and also to developing my ability to observe everything with delight.

Throughout the years I had many other art teachers in college and art schools, but no lesson was more powerful than that first one. As I grew up, I was given piano lessons, dancing lessons and eventually, when I was 12, art lessons. Although I loved music and dance, it was the art lessons that excited and thrilled me. I told everyone I was going to be an Artist.

The thing about knowing your Life Purpose is that it is not about money. It is about fulfillment. However, since supporting one's self is always a nice option to have, I found as I matured, that there were a variety of ways directly and indirectly related to my art expression that could support and fulfill me. I came to the realization that I also enjoyed teaching art to children and adults.

My teaching experiences led me to furthering my education when I saw the effects of art on the psyche. With the help and coaching of the insightful psychiatrist, James Jackson, I discovered Art Therapy which was just a short trip away from Dream Therapy and Dream Coaching. These studies fed my creative art which in turn fed the Art and Dream Therapy. It was becoming more and more apparent to me that my personal art was part of a Life Purpose that included creative process work with individuals and groups seeking self realization. This realization led me in to putting all my work under the umbrella name of Creating Our Life.

In 1977 I founded the Creating Our life Holistic Health Center in Los Angeles, California. This was an educational organization comprised of 15 teachers in a variety of holistic health and consciousness specialties. The certified graduates were prepared to work as counselors in holistic health as well as teachers in this field.

As a seeker always in process of self realization, it was inevitable that I discover the power and creativity of life coaching. Studying and developing my coaching skills has done more for me than anything else to integrate my art and mentoring abilities. I am constantly discovering and expanding my life purpose.
Here in Oregon, where I have taken Creating Our life into a new incarnation, Creating Our Life Coaching provides training for potential coaches as well as transformational coaching services.
Included in the coaching training and services is art, story telling creative dream work and even theatre play.

Yes, I continue to do art in my studio. I exhibit in galleries and museums. At present I am developing my Art Web Site.
My interest in transformational and mythical themes is often expressed in sculptures and mixed media assemblages. All these aspects of my art expression were birthed as I studied and worked in Art Therapy and Dream Therapy. I feel grateful to have discovered how to live my Life Purpose: "To Live Creatively in the Moment as an Artist in Service to Others and the World."

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