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Getting Your Own Personal Life Coach

Thank you for your interest in getting your own personal life coach.

When you begin your coaching experience with Creating Our Life Coaching, you will be sent our Intake Questionnaire, which will help you to see what is and isn’t presently working in your life.
It will also give your coach a picture of how she might work best with you. Charu Colorado, the personal life coach you will be working with, will be focused on being your personal navigator in your journey of transformation. The information you give her will guide her in ascertaining your needs and helping you stay on course.

In Creating Our Life Coaching, you and your coach work together to design your program You, in fact, declare how you want to be coached. This is not a packaged, one-size-fits-all, program. You as the client will be working with Charu Colorado to create a powerful relationship that fits both your and her working and learning styles. The total coaching relationship is a model of mutual responsibility of client and coach.
You are in control of the relationship and ultimately of the changes you will make in your life.

The initial consultation is free of charge. You may telephone Creating Our Life to make an appointment for this consultation by calling toll free (888) 520-6998.
To request full particulars, fee structures, and other details for getting your own Creating Our Life personal life coach, send an e-mail to

We look forward to serving your needs for guidance in achieving a balanced and fulfilled life.